Five Steps to Reshape Your Personal Reality - a Master Class

On the forthcoming Independence Day weekend (August 15 and 16) Shreans Daga, the

Vice Chairman of Pyramid Valley International, will conduct a two-day online Master

Class workshop. This is an exceptional opportunity to learn the art of creative

manifestation through a program which integrates theoretical and practical aspects of

quantum science, neuroscience, epigenetics and breath meditation.

By the age of 35, 90 percent of who we are and what we do is a simple recycling of

memorized thoughts, predictable behavior and repeated actions. These patterns are

rooted in our belief system. They are a direct result of our upbringing, social

conditioning, and past life experiences. Deeply hardwired into our personal program,

they repeat themselves as perceptions, thoughts and attitudes which we mistake for a

personal freedom. Out of the 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts which cross our mind every

day, more than 90 percent come from our past, limiting our beliefs and narrowing down

our set of life choices and opportunities.

To this we can add the asymmetric split between our conscious and subconscious mind.

Psychologically, the analytical mind represents only 5 percent of our personality. Our

desires, aspirations, logical thinking and identity (ego) are a part of this creative mind.

On the other hand, staggering 95 percent of our mind is ‘below the surface’ - it is

instinctual, grounded in our experiences, feelings-driven and habitual. We lose our free

will to this subconscious mind. It is responsible for our survival-based feelings and for

our “fight or flight” reactions. It can be pinpointed as the single most reason for our

inability to manifest our desires and aspirations in this three-dimensional reality.

Our thoughts are electric and our feelings are magnetic, insists Shrens Daga. In order to

manifest abundance in any area of our lives (health, finance or relations), we have to

make sure that we send the right frequency vibrations into the quantum field of infinite

possibilities. When our conscious mind thinks thoughts of wealth but our subconscious

mind fears lack, this discord pulls us back into the same behavioral patterns and

prevents us from unfolding a new personal destiny. The quantum field understands only

the language of the subconscious, and that language are our feelings. Therefore,

without elevating our feelings, we remain stuck living in the past, and all our tomorrows

remain mere replicas of our yesterdays.

To undergo a personal transformation, we need to overcome our fright of change. This

is a no easy task, since we are neurologically hardwired into a program and our instincts

bind us to the comfort zone. Breaking the unconscious pattern means death of our old

self. Before the magic begins, one needs to welcome the unknown and to let go of the

things, people and circumstances which are not aligned with the frequency of our higher


To make a lasting change, Shreans Daga recommends regular and deep anapanasati

meditation. Meditation helps us enter brainwaves which are beyond the beta

brainwaves of the wake state. Once the meditation takes us to the alpha, gama and

delta brainwaves, we enter a realm beyond the conscious mind, into the creative and deep unconscious states of our being. This state, often described as a no-mind state, is

beyond our body, space and time. This is where the change begins. This is the first of

the five steps in our journey from a time-and-space-bound Newtonian world which we

live in, towards the realm of the spirit, the Eternal Now, where we can tap into the

quantum field on instantaneous manifestation.

In the second step we move from brain coherence to heart coherence. We direct our

energy into the heart, and allow the heart to open. This is the realm of our feelings,

which cannot be hijacked by the mind. This is the center of spontaneity, clarity and trust.

This is the place where we gather sufficient momentum to impregnate the quantum field

with our intention, with our desire.

In the third step we are ready to sow the intention. Our mind and our heart are in unity,

in perfect harmony. We are ready for creative visualization. Now we can reset our

personal timeline and be creators of our own destiny. The last two steps of the process are surrender and gratitude. Once we have sown our intention into the quantum field we relax, filled with deep sense of trust and gratitude towards the universe. We trust that the manifestation is already happening and will soon materialize in our 3D world. We drop resistance and we are open to receive new events, new people and new circumstances in our life.

Shreans Daga emphasizes the need to maintain the elevated state of feelings even

after we complete our daily meditation and return to our daily life. Slipping back into the

old state of survival-based feelings undoes the benefits of the meditation. Over a period

of time these new conditions which we are creating through continued meditation get

hardwired in our brain and the whole process becomes effortless.

Through his Master Class, Shreans Daga leads us through a well-structured process of

changing our inner world. Once we become committed to this process, we no longer

allow the outer world (the environment and external circumstances) affect our inner

world. This is a spiritual evolution which takes us from thinking to doing to being, from

mind to body to soul, and from knowledge to experience to wisdom.


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