Good News: You Can Master the Science of Manifestation!

The world is full of scarcity, weakness and broken dreams. Attaining money, success, ‘name and fame’ appears to be an insurmountable task. Moreover, once attained, these easily slip away. Money can be lost. Businesses fail and jobs are lost. Relationships break. Happiness becomes fleeting.

From the Buddhist concept of dukkha (life as suffering) to the Hindu idea of maya (entrapment in illusion), various spiritual systems describe the world as a place of deep dissatisfaction, perpetual struggle and great sorrow. Gurdjieff spoke of the earth as a ‘pain factory.’ Meher Baba described the human life as a constant journey ‘from one disappointment to another.’ The Old Testament referred to the ultimate pointlessness of life as ‘vanity of vanities’. It comes as no surprise that The Rolling Stones’ 1965 music hit ‘(I can get no) satisfaction’ has officially been recognised as one of the greatest songs of all time, due to its lyrics’ strong resonance with a popular culture in which anxiety, disquiet and feeling of futility remain salient traits of a modern (wo)man’s life.

We are creatures of habits. Perhaps the most dangerous habit is that of sticking to old, limiting beliefs, and relying upon the same behaviours which have brought us to this place of failure. For example, such is the belief that money is a finite resource, or that success is a zero-sum game in which one wins only if someone else loses. Equally damaging are the feelings of despair, negativity and lack of belief in our power to manifest abundance. That becomes a vicious circle, which holds no promise of success. “He was poor because he was discontented, and discontented because he feared he was poor,” Conwell once wrote, in his all-time classic, Acres of Diamonds. But how can one break free from this self- perpetuating circle?

But for all that, the spiritual science recognises a fundamental truth - that it is this life, as we know it, which we experience as dukkha. To this, Buddha offers a solution, the Noble Eightfold path - and the anapanasati meditation - as a way out of this suffering. The world remains a net of illusion as long as we are stuck in our sanskaras (habits, mental impressions and behavioural patterns); yet the yogi knows there is a way to become a master of one’s own destiny. Mystics and spiritual teachers identified the restless and wandering mind as the source of great misery and perennial failure. They found methods to grow through awareness, to overcome self-limiting attitudes and discover the key to a life of peacefulness, grace, gratitude and fulfilment. They showed that it is, indeed, possible to lead a life of purpose, success and unlimited abundance.

In recent years, many books, movies and spiritual festivals have brought the Law of Attraction into limelight. Millions of people around the world have heard about the power of our thoughts to shape our life and destiny. However, although the Law of Attraction sounds simple, many practitioners report of difficulties on their path towards manifesting abundance. Some of the common obstacles are: lacking focus on the goal; struggling with a restless mind; inability to face one’s shadow, fears and unconscious mind; and, ultimately, a lack of faith that the law works.

Fortunately, there are methods and techniques that can help. It is possible to master the Law of Attraction, and to invite infinite abundance into our lives. When properly understood and learned, manifestation can be practiced with ease, and results will follow. While books are precious, the guidance of experienced practitioners and masters of the law is irreplaceable.

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