Manifesting Abundance: The Universal Mind & The Law of Attraction

Every human being aspires toward a life of wellbeing, prosperity and happiness. We desire to have a long and healthy life of limitless possibilities, immense wealth, and loving and harmonious relationships with others. Such a state of emotional, spiritual and material fulfilment is described as a state of abundance.

There is a great universal source of unlimited energy, wealth and success. To manifest abundance means to tap into that source; to attune one’s body and mind to its vibrations, so that unlimited flow of prosperity becomes reality. We are all creators, capable of reshaping our present circumstances into a life of everlasting abundance. We deserve to be happy.

Various spiritual traditions have demonstrated that, with the right knowledge and approach, people can manifest anything they desire. Yogis have said that yoga turns the practitioner’s body into an amulet or talisman, a lucky charm of magic powers, capable of fulfilling every desire. Among the eight perfections (ashta siddhi) of South India’s Siddhars (mystics, alchemists, spiritual masters) is the creative power of manifesting anything in the universe. Hindu, Jain and Buddhist traditions mention Kalpataru or Kalpavriksha, the tree which, similarly to the jinn of Aladdin’s lamp, grants fulfilment of all material desires to the one who finds it. Kalpataru has become a metaphor for the human desire to acquire the power of manifestation.

Delving deeper into these insights from folklore, spirituality and religion, we find an important common tread, which can probably be summed up in the Vedic sutra, Mano Matra Jagata: the world is a creation of the mind. A restless mind, a wandering mind, a mind burdened by ideas, thoughts and convictions of limitations, inability, impossibility, scarcity and poverty is a mind which creates a matching reality. On the other hand, when the mind chatter (chitta vritti) is calmed through meditation, it is possible to get free from harmful thought patterns, and to attune our mind to the universal mind, another name for that cosmic source of infinite abundance.

The Universal Mind is the all-permeating superconsciousness, from which the individual, human consciousness also arises. Mystics, seers and masters have said that the Universal Mind contains the collective memory of the Universe; that it is not time- or space- bound; that it transcends nature; that it is limitless; and that it contains all knowledge and wisdom. Re-uniting the individual mind to that energy field, to that cosmic ocean of truth and consciousness, enables us to manifest abundance effortlessly. Once attuned to the Universal Mind, all wishes come true. In that state, “Ask and it will be given to you” becomes an everyday experience.


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