Embracing Oneself - Madhu Gajjala's Message of Self-Love

What is Self Love and how to experience it? There is a common misperception about

Self Love as being a trait of vanity, selfishness and egoism. For ages, both religious

thought and folk wisdom have been elevating self-sacrifice and selfless service as an

ultimate virtue. But can we give anything to others if we feel ourselves empty inside?

Can feelings of charity, compassion and love for the world be born in a heart which

knows only of fear, guilt and insecurity? In her forthcoming Master Class workshop

(August 22 and 23), Madhu Gajjala addresses these questions and invites us to

examine the true value of self love and the enormous benefits it can bring to us and to

those around.

Madhu’s spiritual journey is founded in her own experience of overcoming personal

challenges through embracing meditation and self acceptance. A disciple of Brahmashri

Patriji, she is committed to the “Five E’s”: Experimenting, Experiencing, Enlightening,

Evolving and Enjoying. Therefore, her approach and guidance are practical rather than

theoretical, staying clear of bookish knowledge or arcane ideas.

Madhu’s sessions can be best described as brimming with feminine energy and

nurturing vibrations. She is open and sincere, loves to engage in conversation with the

participants, and radiates with the same feelings of love, acceptance and compassion

which she invites into our hearts. As an artist, she has first-hand experience of the

power of self love, and how it is connected to the source of creativity. ’Once I calmed

myself and made peace with myself,’ she says, ‘I started seeing beautiful colors and

visions of geometrical structures in my meditation. Beauty flowed, and I started placing

it into art form. If love is not with me, then it (the art) doesn’t come out.’

If we do not love ourselves, who else in this world will love us? If our cup is not full, how

can we imagine to be able to provide caring support to others? Madhu firmly rejects the

idea that selfless love should be prioritized. Without accepting ourselves first, there is

nothing much we can give to others. The anger, the judgment, and the lack of

acceptance we have for ourselves will simply reflect toward the outer world, and we will

treat others the same way we treat ourselves. Once we accept ourselves as we are,

and we understand that our mistakes are an integral part of our learning and growth, we

are ready to embrace our dark side, to forgive ourselves, and truly progress on our path

of spiritual evolution.

Madhu is a natural storyteller. The stories she shares have the quality of wisdom

through simplicity. She uses them to help us connect with our inner child, the one who is

innocent but wounded, and whose healing can bring miracles in our life. One

remembers her stories long after hearing them. They become visuals and affirmations,

whose transformative power can be amplified when evoked during meditation.

The workshop is interactive and delightfully engaging. It covers the challenges, fears

and the deep-rooted issues which block us from experiencing self love. It offers

inspiration, tools and guidance which can be used to overcome these emotional and

mental blocks.

In the spirit of the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM), Madhu’s meditative

practice is based on breath awareness. The workshop integrates several meditation

sessions which are unique in the way that they integrate anapanasati with minimal

verbal guidance and a beautifully soothing, singing bowls music. The latter is widely

appreciated for its healing and harmonizing effects on the body, mind and the heart.

Through the practice of self love, Madhu says, everything changes. Only in silence we

can listen to our heart. In anapanasati meditation we let the breath be our companion

and guru, who will take us to a place of stillness and calm. It awakens our awareness of

our own beauty. It enables us connect with, and begin loving ourselves as we are. It

frees us of limiting beliefs, fear and jealousy. It puts an end to feelings of self-loathe and

low self-esteem. It makes us love our own smile, promises Madhu. It transforms our life.

Forgive yourself and take responsibility for your own life, insists Madhu. The feelings of

hurt, disappointment and victimhood can only pull you back into those dark corners you

are already so familiar with. Accept your past, accept your choices and act in a way that

shows you are in charge of your future. Do not let the voices of doubt shatter your trust

in the power which is within you. You know who you are, and you need to act with


It thus comes at no surprise that positive affirmations take a central place in Madhu’s

spiritual path. Drawing inspiration from the work of Louise Hay and Anita Moorjani, she

firmly believes that each time one uses affirmations, those intentions of love, beauty,

health and success manifest. The people, things and events in our lives which are not

bringing any good to us will simply drop off.

Madhu’s messages come from Anahata, the heart - from that ‘unhurt, unstruck and

unbeaten’ center in us. What is inside is also outside. As within so without. Once we are

able to experience self love, we need no further persuasion to believe in the connection

between loving ourselves and loving the world. Therefore, shower love and affection

upon that Inner Self. You deserve love, but never seek for it outside yourself. Life is



Madhu Gajalla is an artist and meditation teacher living in Germany. While living in

Cairo, Egypt, in the year 2010 she got introduced to meditation, and experienced a

profound personal transformation.

Meditation helped her unravel her creative side. In meditation she receives beautiful

geometric patterns as creative visions. She paints these intricate designs on pots and

recycled glass bottles. She developed a hand-painted art form with delicate detailing,

which she named as madhukari art.

Maddhu has been a TEDx Talks GUC speaker. Through workshop sessions she

facilitates meditation, art practice and healing. She is a co-founder of PSSM Germany.


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