You Can Design the Life You Want to Live

Ask yourself: Am I happy with my current situation? Each morning, when I wake up, how do I feel? Am I full of energy and enthusiasm? Am I excited about all the great things I am going to do today? Am I radiant, loving, and full of optimism? Do I look forward to meeting all the wonderful people who are, one way or another, part of my life?

Or will you easily dismiss such words as unrealistic, consider such a state of happiness as improbable, and bring forth a thousand reasons for your distress?

You may be a student, caught up in the daily routine of attending classes, struggling to stay focused on studies, stressing over exams and grades, and always worried about your future. Perhaps all those expectations from your family, friends and teachers keep increasing your anxiety. You are worried that you might fail, and that you are too far away from fulfilling your dreams and ambitions.

You could be a working professional, always on the run. Office hours nine-to-five, competitive and not-so-friendly colleagues, a demanding boss and very few holidays. All for a salary that barely matches your needs, and never reflects on your real efforts and worth. You feel stuck in that rat race like millions of others, unable to claim the life that you desire and aspire to achieve.

Maybe you are a housewife, and you dedicate all your love and work to making your home a happy place for your family. And yet you feel not enough appreciated for everything you do. You think that your loved ones do not fully understand how much it takes to keep the house in order, to always offer warm and tasty meals, to care for each and every need.

But life should be lived in a state of happiness and abundance, brimming with energy, love, and fulfilment. That is the way you should be feeling right now, and every day of your life - thankful for all the beauty, wellness, success and wealth. All this is possible. There are tools, methods and techniques for achieving success and abundance in everything you do. Whatever your current circumstances are, whichever stage of your life you are at, you can transform and start manifesting anything you wish for.

From the ancient Indian masters, to the modern authors from the East and the West, many people throughout the ages have learned the secret of attaining happiness, bliss, harmonious relationships, success, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, and material wealth. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to learn the spiritual science of manifesting abundance from experienced teachers, who have mastered the skills.

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